1990 Buick Electra parts cross reference question


1990 Buick Electra parts cross reference question

by <johnb1.. » Wed, 03 Sep 2003 10:09:24

Hi David, Thanks for the response.  I think I'll pass on getting the car.  I have enough cars that
are falling apart and if this won't really help fix the others, it will just be another project that I don't
have time for ;o)  I have another problem that I have been struggling with and I'll be posting a
seperate message about it soon but I'll explain it here as well.  I have a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim
that has a problem with the heating/AC vent.  When on AC it will stop coming out of the panel
and only come out of the  defroster vents.  Someone had suggested that I needed to replace
a check valve near the brake booster.  I tested it and it seemed to be working properly but I
went ahead and bought a replacement from the dealer.  The problem persisted no matter which
check valve (old or new) or which direction it was pointed, so I got my $7 back from the dealer.
Actually the direction did matter.  If it was going the wrong way or if it was removed completely,
it wouldn't work at all.  Any ideas?  Thanks again, John.

Could be wrong here, but I don't think the Bonnie has the auto temp system,
so no module.  Tape should be the same for the door reg. Check under the
hood see if it has the same blower module. The are reall y two   different
body styles, the Park is a C body(same as Cad.) the Bonnie is a H body( same
as Olds 88's) Parts book says the regulators for the window are the same.

car for about $100 or less.
repairing the Electra?