Is it the fuel pump ?


Is it the fuel pump ?

by Akacguy61 » Mon, 01 Sep 2003 15:38:26

My wife got in her car 96 Buick 3800 at work and drove to Mcdonalds drive thru
1/4 mile away. As she sat in the drive thru . the engine stalled. She restarted
it and went to a parking space and called me. I went to check it out. After
looking for any obvious signs on trouble under the hood. I started it. I would
only idle for a few seconds and stall. At half throttle it will rev up and down
up and down, like its getting just spurts of fuel. I put my ear to the tank
filler neck as she turned the key on and I can hear a whir  but it  is awful
faint. A buddy with an old roll back will pick it up and bring it home today
and I will put a fuel pressure gauge on it . The fuel filter was recently
replaced. I don't have an OBDII scanner. Before I spend 90 bucks on a new pump,
I there anything else that would cause this?

Is it the fuel pump ?

by Akacguy61 » Mon, 01 Sep 2003 18:06:55

can cut out the fuel pump so the oil level was the first thing I checked. I
don't trust that plastic manifold. The Throttle position sensor came to mind

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Is it the fuel pump ?

by saeenginee » Wed, 03 Sep 2003 02:51:06


The oil pressure switch is in parallel with the fuel pump relay.  A
failed (open) pressure switch would still allow fuel pressure.

Start with the fuel pressure check and post back with the results.