Brake Light And Car Not Moving Problem ?


Brake Light And Car Not Moving Problem ?

by Robert1 » Wed, 03 Sep 2003 05:01:23


My son has a '95 Mercury Sable with about 85,000 miles on it.
Lives quite a distance away, so will have to try and relate the following
problem as described via phone.

Intermittent problem; sometimes all is normal;

He releases the Parking Brake handle.
The Parking Brake light does Not go out.

If he then puts the car in Drive, all that happens is the motor will race.
"Playing" with it, back and forth (brake release and selector), finally the
light extinguishes.
Car then goes normally.

Also, sometimes at a traffic light, or when stopped, the light comes On when
you push the gas pedal down,
and the car won't accelerate, until the light goes off.  Reving in Park
usually makes the light go off.

a.  Any thoughts as to what might be going on ?

b.  Does the brake light sensor/switch communicate with the car's computer,
and inhibit movement of the car ?

c.  Might it be a computer problem ?



Brake Light And Car Not Moving Problem ?

by F& » Wed, 03 Sep 2003 06:01:44

My brake light doesn't go off on it's on in my '93 Cougar.  I lift the pedal
a bit and it goes out.  I'm too lazy to get down and adjust the switch on
the brake lever.  I can see it and know that's what causes the light to be
on so I don't worry.

I don't think the brake light will stop the *** from engaging.  The
*** symptoms sound familiar, I'm sure I've heard others describe it in
similar drive-train vehicles.  Time to have the *** checked, I think.

I hope this helps - Paul in Dayton