FS: 16" Racing Ace wheels w/ 205/40/16 tires


FS: 16" Racing Ace wheels w/ 205/40/16 tires

by Quaza » Sat, 09 May 1998 04:00:00

16x7" Racing Ace wheels wrapped in BFG 205-40-16 ***
16x7" ET 40
The wheels are most like 5Zigen Div3's rather than Konig Tuners because
the spokes are a bit more rounded off and the lip is more defined.
Two rear tires need to be replaced within the next few hundred miles.
The front tires are almost brand new... Has like 800 miles on them?
Wheels are in good condition.. 3 wheels are perfect.. 1 wheel has slight
tweek from curb and a little paint on the spoke is flaking. Can be
touched up easily with paint. The wheels are balanced fully and are in
great shape. I will include the Sparco/Alt Lugnuts needed and the key.
The wheels have two different bolt patterns to fit all Honda's and VWs
that are 4 lug bolt pattern i.e. 4x100mm and 4x114.3mm. That means..
Accords, Civics, DelSols, Preludes, Golfs, Jettas, Rabbits, Caddys,
GTIs, and non VR6 B3 Passats. I am asking $750 for all 4 with tires. You
pay for the wheels and tires w/ shipping. The price is negotiable so
make me an offer. Please email me if you have any questions. I am
located in Atlanta. Here is a pic of the wheels for sale.

If you can't download the pic.. here is the URL for the wheels


BTW.. that is not my car. But the wheels ARE mine. Thanks!